Patios in Eastbourne


If you have a garden in need of some landscaping and are based in Eastbourne, then D&H Fencing and Landscaping can help.

Patios are a fantastic way to create an area which can be used all year round. They require very little maintenance compared to a lawn, so with minimal effort each year your patio will be a fantastic investment for your home.

Here at D&H Fencing and Landscaping, we can work with you to bring your garden to life!


Eastbourne Patio Service


Cosy nook or grand design

You don’t need lots of space to install a patio.It could be a perfect hideaway surrounded by bedding plants, trellises and comfy cushions just ready for you to kick back, relax with a drink and read a book!

Patio Shapes

When planning your patio it is a good idea to think of the type of furniture you may want to use. If you are thinking of a round table perhaps a round patio design would be better.

Patio walls

If space is limited, adding lots of furniture may not be the best idea. A patio wall around the outside can easily double up as seating when you are entertaining extra guests.

At D&H Fencing we have experience working with many types of stone and lots of different shaped and sized patios. Talk to us today if you are looking to raise the ordinary to the extraordinary!

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